Diego Javier Zea

I am an Associate Professor at Université Paris-Saclay, working in structural bioinformatics and molecular evolution. My research focuses on understanding how proteins evolve, move, interact, and function while considering complex aspects such as protein disorder and alternative splicing. To accomplish this, I perform advanced protein sequence and structural analysis, integrating machine learning and statistics as needed.

I am skilled in using Python and Julia for programming and am passionate about making open-source bioinformatics tools. I am the leading developer and maintainer of the MIToS package for protein sequence and structure analysis in the Julia programming language. I also wrote the book Interactive Visualization and Plotting with Julia which shares methods and techniques for analyzing and visualizing data. You can find the example codes that are explained in detail within the book in this website.

You can see my publications on the CV page or by visiting my Google Scholar, ORCID, or Scopus profiles.